Dumbo the Flying Elephant


Fly in your own Dumbo vehicle. Keeping a firm grasp on the ‘Magic Feather’, Timothy Mouse oversees your flight from his vantage point at the center of the attraction’s spraying water fountain. You’ll

want to take note of the 22-karat gold leafing that covers the light posts as well as the pulleys and gears that go into motion as you soar above Fantasyland. 

Restrictions /Accessibility:

Inaccessible to strollers. Guests in wheelchair/ECV must transfer.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant Reviews

There are currently 57 reviews for Dumbo the Flying Elephant.

Nov 01, 2014 by Jayman03

This is obviously a classic. Young and old will enjoy this circus style ride. Yes it just goes around and round but you can control how high your elephant goes by pulling a lever. Must Will enjoy t...

Aug 02, 2014 by dramadrew

Everyone must ride Dumbo if they go to the Magic Kingdom! It is easier to access now with two sections to quicken the line. It also looks beautiful lit up at night. There is the initial excitement of ...

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If you have little ones who must ride, try to arrive early as this is a slow loading ride and lines can get very long.