Jungle Cruise


Enter a colonial outpost in a remote section of the jungle, where cut-rate guides now haul cargo and tourists up river on a Jungle Cruise they won’t soon forget. Float through the rain forests of the Amazon and the hippopotamus-filled waters of the Congo. The skipper takes you on a laugh filled expedition with an endless barrage of corny jokes that poke fun at the “not so dangerous” jungle. The boats themselves are based on those found in the Humphrey Bogart film “The African Queen.” This ride is especially fun at night.

Restrictions /Accessibility:

Wheelchair/ECV must transfer.

Jungle Cruise Reviews

There are currently 129 reviews for Jungle Cruise.

Nov 01, 2014 by Jayman03

We went during the last week of October. Lines were mostly manageable except for Jungle Cruise. There was a 35 min. Wait posted...we waited 60 minutes. I debated getting a fast pass for this but cho...

Aug 17, 2013 by texasbelle12

While it's not a high-thrill attraction I have to ride the Jungle Cruise at least once each trip. Yes, the jokes are corny, but you can always count on seeing all of the animals (including the "w...

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