The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror


Looming at 13 stories tall, the Hollywood Tower Hotel, home to this attraction, is the tallest structure in the Disneyland Resort. Fans of the Twilight Zone television show will delight in the more than 100 references to classic episodes found throughout the queue. The attention to detail is amazing. You’ll feel as if you’ve entered into a hotel that was long since abandoned. The cobwebs, yellowed newspapers and dingy furnishings in the lobby lend to the eerie atmosphere. The bellhop ushers you into the library. As the lights dim, the TV flickers and your host, Rod Serling appears on screen. This is when you learn of the ill-fated day when five passengers vanished from the elevator. You’ll next proceed through the boiler room to the service elevators. Once you’re belted in, prepare for a trip to the fifth dimension.There’s no mistaking that you entered into the Twilight Zone.

Restrictions /Accessibility:

​Wheelchair/ECV must transfer.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Reviews

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Nov 02, 2014 by Jayman03

The theming to this ride is great. The ride workers are dressed in old hotel staff uniforms an even have Erie makeup on to boot. They stay in character to add to the theme of the ride. The ride it...

Aug 21, 2013 by Bujia 2010

A must do. The best ride at DHS.

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