Big Thunder Mountain Railroad


In the midst of landscape designed to resemble Monument Valley sits the 197’ butte that is the centerpiece of the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Set during the gold rush days in the flooded mine town of Tumbleweed, this runaway mine car roller coaster features 20 Audio-animatronic figures including donkeys, chickens, possums, and the rainmaker himself, Professor Cumulus Isobar.

The authenticity is evident in the antique mining equipment found around the attraction and the smell of sulfur as you pass the phosphorescent pools and see the red eyes of the cave’s inhabitants. Riders will also encounter falling rocks and an earthquake. The ride is geared more towards adults and teens. Parents may use the “switching off” option. Just under 4 minutes in length, riders will find themselves tossed side to side in the car.

Thrill seekers will prefer riding in the back of the train as it is more exciting than in the front. You really have to pay attention or you may miss the great scenery and attention paid to detail like the skeleton of the dinosaur built into the mountain. This is one of the Magic Kingdom’s major attractions and lineups can be quite lengthy.

Be prepared: Queues wind through an old windowless clapboard building and the heat can be quite stifling during the hot summer months.

Restrictions /Accessibility:

Wheelchair guests must be able to transfer from their wheelchairs into the train in order to ride.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Reviews

There are currently 122 reviews for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Mar 21, 2015 by brjama

March 2015 One of my favorite rides at the Magic Kingdom. It is a well themed run away train ride. I also think this one is better than the California version.

Nov 01, 2014 by Jayman03

Not as good as I thought it would be. A lot of sharp turns, no drops. Not a thrill ride. Any kid meeting the height requirement should be fine to ride this. For adults only I would say this one co...

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Big Thunder Mountain Tips!

Riding at night gives you a whole new experience as you fly by the twinkling lights of the Magic Kingdom.

Big Thunder Mountain will soon be the next attraction to get a new interactive queue.  No opening date or specific details were released, other than saying that guests “will be able to participate in the story of the Big Thunder Mining Company like never before.”  The changes will take place overnight, so the ride should remain open.