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The “legend” has it that if you ride it’s a small world at Disney World or Disneyland, the song will stay in your head forever, its a small world after all.  A lot of people claim this ride is just a cliché or is “just for kids.”  People will tell you that they avoid it like the plague. These are the same people that will turn around and moan that the Carousel of Progress should be saved, or that they never should have taken out Mr. Toad ’s Wild Ride. Their reasoning is that these are Walt Disney’s Legacy (this should be said in an extremely reverent tone.)

Restrictions /Accessibility:

There have been some minor modifications, but for the most part it has remained that brightly colored attraction that people love and love to hate. Mary Blair’s original concept for the ride was a vision in stark white and gold. The huge smiling clock face that adorns Disneyland’s version is known to millions as the face of it’s a small world.  This is the classic look for this attraction. 

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