Maelstrom uses a 16 passenger Viking-style boat that takes you through a 10th century Viking village and a mythical forest where you’ll encounter trolls who cast a curse on the boats. From here, the boat starts going backwards before it reaches a waterfall and again changes course. Next you pass a grand fjord and continue on through a storm by a North Sea oil rig. You exit in a quaint Norwegian village setting. This is a holding area which opens onto a theater where a film about Norway is shown.

Restrictions /Accessibility:

​Guests must transfer from their Wheelchairs/ECVs.  Audio description, reflective captioning, handheld captioning and assistive listening devices available.

Maelstrom Reviews

There are currently 37 reviews for Maelstrom.

Jan 16, 2013 by SDSorority

We LOVE LOVE LOVE Maelstrom. We love the mural in the boarding area, the Fjord/Waterfall part, and the unloading fisherman village area. The sad part about it is that the ride upkeep is lacking. Th...

Dec 22, 2011 by bellebookworm9

We used Fastpass to ride in the evening in May 2010. The ride was very weird, but we are also not familiar with Norwegian culture. We skipped the movie at the end. No hurry to do this again.

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