The Hall of Presidents


This patriotic show begins with a digitally projected film that is narrated by actor Morgan Freeman.  He manages to capture the energy and spirit of the narrative without overshadowing the context.  The film delivers a message of the hardships the USA faced in its struggle to find a national identity.  Partway through the film, an audio-animatronic Abraham Lincoln delivers the Gettsyburg Address.  Then, the curtain rises and we see all of the Presidents. They are introduced to the   audience one at a time in the order of their Presidency.  The introductions are much more fluid and much quicker than in the past, which is a welcome change to   those of us who are waiting for them to ’speak’. When the Presidents are named, you’ll see a lot of realistic gestures such as nodding, a bit of fidgeting and the occasional whisper.

The atrium/pre-show area is full of Presidential   portraits and memorabilia.  Getting the opportunity to see real articles owned by past Presidents is truly a treat.  One of the most popular areas is the display of First Lady Dresses.

Restrictions /Accessibility:

The theatre is wheelchair accessible. For hearing impaired guests, reflective captioning is available (ask a Cast Member at the entrance for assistance), and

Assistive Listening devices can be used here (check at Guest Services for details).

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The Hall of Presidents Tips!

The Hall of Presidents is best suited for adults. Unless your child is a real history buff, chances are they’re going to be bored. Still, if the park is busy and/or hot, sinking into one of the 700 comfy theater seats for a bit is a nice break.