The Magic of Disney Animation


‚ÄčThis building plays host to a variety of activities.  The Magic of Disney Animation tour begins in a cozy theater where a Disney Animator brings Mushu, the mischievous dragon from Mulan, to the screen. While the animators are often a bit awkward in their role as host, Mushu makes it fun. It’s a cute and informative presentation that all ages can enjoy.

Once this brief introduction to the animation process is over, you’ll go into the next section where there’s a selection of interactive displays that you’re welcome to “play” with. There is a station where you can become the voice of a Disney character by either singing or acting your part. There’s another display where you’re quizzed to find out which Disney character you’re most like. If you’re feeling artistic, you can “paint” your choice of a Disney character.

There is also a character meet and greet area. Characters vary depending on the day, but you can often find Sorcerer Mickey, Mr & Mrs. Incredible, and Frozone.

For the ultimate animation experience, be sure to visit the Animation Academy. This unique experience allows you to sit in on a class hosted by a Disney Animator and learn how to draw a character. Classes start at 10:30 and are held every half hour.  Classes are held until park closing and are generally less busy later in the day.


When you’re ready to leave, you’ll pass through a display area which highlights different Disney achievements in animation.  The gift shop in this building features cells and collectible art.

Restrictions /Accessibility:

This attraction is wheelchair/ECV accessible and Assistive Listening Devices may be used. Reflective captioning is available.

The Magic of Disney Animation Reviews

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Nov 02, 2014 by Jayman03

If anyone in your group likes to draw this is a great activity to do. They teach you how to draw a Disney character. The participants get to vote on several options. You get to learn all the techni...

Oct 01, 2013 by 101disneyfan

I think that this is a great 'pavilion' with at least three attractions within. Sort of Disney's Hollywood Studios' equivalent of Innoventions in a way. I say that the building is a waste of space....

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