Disney’s FASTPASS allows guests to make ‘reservations’ for a popular ride to avoid waiting in long lines.

As you approach the attraction that uses the FASTPASS system, you will see three lines. One is the FASTPASS distribution line (where you get your FASTPASS ticket ), the second is the FASTPASS entrance (when you’re returning to ride after making your FASTPASSreservation), and the third is the Standby entrance for guests not using FASTPASS.

The FASTPASS distribution line features a clock showing what times the tickets are being issued for. A clock with the current time is displayed outside the FASTPASS attraction entrance. The Standby line will have the current wait time posted. 

Let’s see how this all works. It’s 11:00am and you want to go on Kali River Rapids but there’s a 60 minutes wait posted outside the Standby line. You take a look at theFASTPASS distribution and see that passes are being issued with a return time of 1:00 - 2:00pm. You get your FASTPASS and instead of waiting in a one hour line, you have two free hours before coming back, bypassing the standby line and getting on Kali with little or no wait.

For the attractions, the assigned time will give you a 1 hour window to return, so you don’t have to run back to be there the minute it goes into effect. With the theater attractions, you’ll have a FASTPASS for a specific performance.

One thing to keep in mind, there are restrictions as to how many passes you can have at once. Your  FASTPASS will have the time that you can get your next FASTPASS printed on it. (Usually this is when your current FASTPASS can be used or after two hours have elapsed.) Don’t plan on going from one FASTPASS attraction to another gathering up slips. These machines are smart and won’t issue another until your current pass allows it.

Everyone in your party will be expected to turn in a FASTPASS at the attraction. And please don’t return before your scheduled time because you will not be allowed to enter. There’s nothing like weaving through a crowd of guests who are blocking the FASTPASSentrance because they’re too early. Another no-no is trying to use a FASTPASS that wasn’t issued that day. Don’t bother, they can’t accept it. Jumping off the standby line into the FASTPASS line isn’t cool. There will be a Cast Member waiting for you to turn in your non-existent pass who will send you right back to where the Standby line begins.

FASTPASS is available to everyone and works with all admission media. There’s no charge for using it.

Currently, the following Disney attractions are using the FASTPASS system:

Animal Kingdom:

Disney’s Hollywood Studios:Magic Kingdom:Epcot: